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Wonderful House with a Pool features blue sofa facing White and Gray Striped Slipper Chairs Accented by Kelly Nutt Design

By Bruce Wayne
This interior of a pool house is totally fascinating. I don’t have any idea that a pool house can be so stylish. The house has a marine theme which is great choice since it relates to the pool. The application theme can be seen from the settee that has navy color and the anchor painting wall decoration. Moreover, I love the furniture arrangement that makes the room feel spacious despite of the small space. However, the chair in front of the fireplace should be removed because it is too close to the fireplace and disturb other seats to get the warmth.

Gorgeous Pool House Design features Navy Bench with Blue Geometric Wallpaper by Blue Water Home Builders

By Bruce Wayne
I love to have such a fresh pool house. Even though I cannot see the pool or even the backyard clearly, I think the pool house is very nice. The role of pool house is as important as the pool itself in my opinion. Do you think so? With geometrical curtains, the pool house has blue theme that is suitable for water concept. The focal point of the room must be the navy bench. When I see the picture, the simple glossy navy bench looks standout and it also can be used as a table too. The wallpaper is fun too with blue and white pattern. The sofa has grey color, but I think it is better to change its color with pale blue or navy or even dark grey because the current color has old feel.

Gorgeous Orange and Blue Pool House features Shelving Unit and Wicker Baskets by Brooke Wagner Design

By Bruce Wayne
I love the orange and blue combination of this pool house. It is really unfortunate to only see a little part of the pool house and I cannot see the pool at all. Actually, I am really curious about the other part because this picture shows that the pool house has neat yet fun atmosphere. The striped blue- white doormat is simple but quite attractive because it reminds me of marine theme. The grey tile flooring also a great choice since it does not become slippery easily. The items that make the room cheerful are the orange baskets. They bright the room, though there are black-white striped towel and even china above them.

Country Garden House with Sliding Doors features Striped Sofa Covers by Brooke Wagner Design

By Bruce Wayne
The idea of adding a garden house like this is factually amazing. The main reason why it is said to be so is because the garden house can really be an alternative living area where more activities that are quite impossible to be done inside the house can be done. However, the fact that the garden house looks rather closed even if there are sliding doors used as the main entrances creates no difference between the garden house and other interior spaces in the house. It would be much better when more large windows or even glass walls are used instead of the brick walls to create more open atmosphere as well as more natural feeling.

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