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Tag : Pink And Gray Bedding

Luxury Bedroom Decor with Mary McDonald Annika Lamp by Jillian Harris

By Bruce Wayne
This bedroom is very simple and beautiful. I love the large grey headboard in this room because it gives different color tone to the room. Moreover, the comfortable white bed sheet is also perfectly matched with the white walling design. I also adore the white desk lamp that can provide an ample lighting during the night time. The soft pink box below the table is also unique because it helps the bedroom to have more storage. I also adore the dark wooden flooring that gives traditional look to the wonderful bedroom. I think I love this bedroom and I have no complaint seeing this well arranged room.

Chic Bedroom Design features Pin Board on Closet Doors by Megan Winters

By Bruce Wayne
I think bedroom is very chic and gorgeous with all aspect featured in this room. I love this sturdy teak wooden bed that looks comfortable to lie down the tired body. Moreover, with pink and green accent that comes from the fluffy pillows and its bed sheet, the room can provide fresh vibe. I also like the bay window next to small and elegant closet. This bedroom also provides twin chairs with brown accent that makes the room look stylish with its vintage touch. The white office desk is also an interesting piece of furniture because it can add more value to this room. I think, I don’t have any negativity seeing this bedroom because it’s absolutely perfect.

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