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Gorgeous French Home Exterior features Oval Shaped Dormer Windows and Double Entry Doors

By Bruce Wayne
I think this is my first time see such luxurious exterior design. The house really looks sophisticated with white theme. The French style always gives grand feel and I love it very much. This house totally grabs my heart because of great details in every part. Start from the fence that combines between black beautiful metal with white concrete simple fence. The combination is smooth so I think it will be ugly if the fence only consists of white wall or black one. The front yard mostly covers with white concrete pathway but I adore the small garden with a fountain that freshen the atmosphere. The brown double front doors blend well with white windows so it gives lovely color towards the white surrounding.

Beautiful French Style Homes features Limestone Home Exterior with Black Front Door

By Bruce Wayne
The house looks old because the wall looks dirty and cracked but I think it is matter of the light when this picture taken. Do you agree with me? In spite of the confusing color of the wall, the exterior of this house looks plain. There is no part of the exterior that grabs my eyes. The house looks like an old apartment because of the plain tall design. Moreover, the low black fence looks common and the garden is so small. I think it is made like that to give a good outside view to the basement floor. Fortunately, the door looks quite nice with half round window above it and two lanterns in front of it.

Astonishing Exterior Home Designs features Attached 3 Car Garage with Black French Doors Accented

By Bruce Wayne
The house looks grande with three stories including the attic. The great exterior of this house seems represent the beatiful interior inside it. I like the house has large front yard that can be used for various activity. The large black path matches well with the black roof and the black window frames. However, I think the path is too wide. The small graden alongside with the path makes the yard looks lovely. Besides the exterior of the house, the large garage that can keep three cars also grabs my attention. The wood door with raw brick wall adds the uniqueness of the garage.

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