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Tag : Dark Wood Laminate Flooring

Lovely Country Kitchen Decor features Stainless Steel Range Hood with Pot Rail by Lovette Construction

By Bruce Wayne
I love this elegant kitchen which main feature white as the main backdrop. The silvery stove with silvery hood give futuristic look to this magnificent kitchen. Moreover, the main wall contains hard stone that creates a classic style to this actually modern room. There are plenty kitchen cabinet which will surely provide more storage. The flat ceiling with several downlights gives adequate lighting at night. There is a small gray window framed overlooking the outside view. I adore the design of this kitchen because it brings hard wooden material in the flooring department. All in all, I don’t have any bad comment about this interesting kitchen.

Luxury Bedroom Decor with Mary McDonald Annika Lamp by Jillian Harris

By Bruce Wayne
This bedroom is very simple and beautiful. I love the large grey headboard in this room because it gives different color tone to the room. Moreover, the comfortable white bed sheet is also perfectly matched with the white walling design. I also adore the white desk lamp that can provide an ample lighting during the night time. The soft pink box below the table is also unique because it helps the bedroom to have more storage. I also adore the dark wooden flooring that gives traditional look to the wonderful bedroom. I think I love this bedroom and I have no complaint seeing this well arranged room.

Shabby Chic Bedroom Furniture features Navy Blue Bamboo Dresser by Jenny Wolf Interiors

By Bruce Wayne
This is probably a small part of a bedroom that is functioned as a dressing place. I love the design of the small rattan chair that fit with contemporary bedroom style. It provides a comfortable seating to the home owner. I also adore the navy blue cabinet that seems perfect with the white wall. I also adore the peach desk lamp that can give another color accent to room. I also love the potted plant that is placed on top of cabinet. The elegant brown rug is also wonderful because it gives neutral tone to the bright room. Other than that, I don’t have any bad comment about this room.

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