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Tag : Charcoal Gray Window Seat

Small Space Yellow and Gray Boys Bedroom by Jenny Wolf Interiors

By Bruce Wayne
I think this boy’s bedroom is great because the room has multifunction use. There is a reading nook by the window under futuristic curvy ceiling which is very amazing. The large window gives adequate lighting during the day light so that the room won’t look gloomy. In my opinion, the wallpapered wall is out of place and I think it is better to change it into a plain one which will create harmonious scene. White carpet under the sofa is another great choice because it will keep the dust away. Over all, I love this room design, pretty simple, captivating and elegant.

Comfy Boys Bedroom features Charcoal Gray Window Seat by Jenny Wolf Interiors

By Bruce Wayne
This comfy nook by the window is absolutely cute with cozy fluffy pillow and large mattresses. The book storage under the mattresses can save more space because there is no need to place small cabinet. I think the idea of the black matte painted storage can give more spacious look since the items on it have vibrant color. I really like the stripes pattern in both, mattresses and the fluffy pillows with yellow accent. It just absolutely lit up the room. I think, it is better to lower the nook so that kids can also reach this comfy seating while enjoying their favorite book.

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