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French Breakfast Nook Furniture features Bay Window Breakfast Nook by Sabbe Interior Design

By Bruce Wayne
Bay Window Breakfast Nook – Transitional – Dining Room This Breakfast nook, which is located next to a bay window, is a great idea to get inspired from when it comes to a dining area in a house that is quite limited in space. The reason is of course because there is a window-seat as alternative to common furniture for dining, which definitely takes too much space. However, the choice of color here is not really nice to see because everything is in neutral shade. It would be livelier when some bright colors are added. Neutral shade is not the only choice of color can be added to small interior design, right?

Modern Breakfast Nook Furniture features Black and White Breakfast Nook by Megan Winters

By Bruce Wayne
The use of black and white theme in this kind of breakfast nook design is fabulous. Although it is so, if you look closer the two chairs at the front is in navy and white instead of black and white theme. If would be even better if the theme is the same even if the style is nautical. The nautical theme is already visible quite well from the anchor details at the back of the chair. Other thing that is also quite unpleasant to see here is the stripe black and white window-shade. It seems white shade is a much better option to pick for the fabulous look of the dining room design in general.

Dining Nook Furniture features Marble Bistro Table with Gray Cane Back Chairs by Melanie Stewart Designs

By Bruce Wayne
A small dining room like this is really perfect and romantic for a house for two, especially if the occupants really love something classic. The use of round table with single foot like this makes the room feels more spacious. It is also supported by the addition of two tables with shades on the two wall sides. While the table is made with leg in black color, it would actually be better when the top of the marble table is also black or at least something darker like gray instead of white. This kind of color is better to be combined with the characteristic of the room, which is bright enough, especially at day.

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