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Modern Bathroom Furniture Sets features Laminate Bathroom Vanity by The Horizon Hotel and Spa

By Bruce Wayne
An outdoor shower room will probably refreshing and unique. In the picture above, I can see a wonderful outdoor shower room that connected to powder room. It is only divided by transparent glass wall. There is contrasting concept between the shower room and the powder room. The shower room features white as its main one and the powder room comes with brown tone. I adore the granite tile countertop with golden faucet. The hanging glossy shelf is also interesting it gives beautiful shimmer to the room. The granite flooring is surely another wonderful piece of art in this amazing bathroom.

Modern Bathroom Ideas features Brown Veneer Floating Vanity by The Horizon Hotel and Spa

By Bruce Wayne
I really adore this bathroom design especially with its unusual color tone. The dark brown walling idea is surely give magnificent look. Moreover, this bathroom is completed with floating vanities that comes with luxurious marble countertop. I also adore the dramatic wall lamp next to the large mirror that gives more dramatic nuance. White bidet is another wonderful piece of art in this room because it also helps to beautify the dark hues. The floating shelve is also amazing because it can provide more storage. I really like the flooring area. The home designer is cleverly installing raw wooden flooring that makes the room look classy and vintage. Over all, I love this dramatic bathroom concept.

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