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Stunning Pool Cabana Ideas features Wood Daybed with Chandeliers

By Bruce Wayne
Pool cabana with a chandelier is a new idea for me and I think the chandelier will enhance the cabana’s appearance. This picture, for example, installs chandeliers in the cabana but unfortunately, it makes the room looks ugly instead of pretty. The single reason for it, it is because there are three chandeliers in such small cabana. I don’t have any idea why the owner wants to put three grand lightings in one place. It will be so much better if the cabana only has one chandelier right in the middle. Besides the unpleasant chandelier, all things seem fine. The cabana design actually looks cute with a grey-white theme. The pillows with various patterns match with the two-toned curtains. Moreover, the rattan chairs next to the pool are quite unique and nice.

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