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Small Space for Laundry Room with Black Slate Floor by Greige Design

By Bruce Wayne
Small space doesn’t stop you to create magnificent laundry room look especially when you use your wild imagination to create the most distinguish space inside your house. I love how the interior designer gives a touch of artistic sense to this room by featuring black slate floor and enchanting abstract wallpaper to this small laundry room. Moreover, the fashionable hanger feat fashionable hat gives a very chic look. But it seems that the room needs to lift up the mood of its owner by giving refreshing green tone to the room. The crystal chandelier makes the room look extraordinary and of course it gives warm atmosphere to this narrow room.

Simple and Elegant Greige Design for Laundry Room with Marble Herringbone Backsplash Tiles

By Bruce Wayne
When it comes to laundry room, many people believe that it must has clean and sleek look since it is a part of their house that should be simple and elegant. But I love the laundry room in this picture. The interior designer bravely features black and gray in one scene but it still look very neat and elegant. I love the black marble tiles that won’t allow any dust to appear in front of your eyes. The mosaic gray backsplash is also wonderful to create fancy look. I also love the crystal chandelier that can adorn this small laundry room. I think I love this fashionale laundry room because it is pretty simple and elegant.

Easy to Clean for Laundry Room Features Black Slate Herringbone Tile Floor by Greige Design

By Bruce Wayne
The use of black slate flooring is trending now. This flooring material usually featured in laundry room because it can hide any imperfection that is caused by your cleaning activity. Moreover, this black slate flooring is easy to clean which of course it’s every dream for many housewives. The rectangular motive gives more artistic look to the laundry room because it also available in white line. This type of flooring is safe for your kids because the surface is not that sleek so that your kids won’t slip when they run here and there. I highly recommend you to install this black slate flooring because it is simply the best.

Small Space for Laundry Room with Stainless Steel Utility Sink by Greige Design

By Bruce Wayne
This laundry room pretty sump up what I always thought about having chic and elegant room at the same time. I love how the interior designer gives different vibe to the room by featuring stainless utility steel with potted flower on it. The rattan basket is also unique because it can give traditional touch to the room. However, I must admit that the walling design is not that good because white gives the room look gloomy if it is combined with silvery sink. I suggest the owner to change the wall with brighter color like yellow or cream to neutralized darker hues.

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