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Comfortable Pool House Furniture features Pool House Built In Bunk Beds by Rue Magazine

By Bruce Wayne
I love this pool house style that provides a spacious room so that all family members will be able to gather in one room at the same time. Moreover, I love the coordinated built-in bunk beds that installed by the wall. They are very sweet especially with grey mattresses. I also love the glossy LCD TVs that are mounted on the wall. I also adore the long black cabinet that is matching with the wooden grey flooring. The existence of blue rug is also wonderful because it provides soothing atmosphere with its calming tone. I think I love this wonderful room without any doubt.

Retro Furniture Living Room Ideas features Black Louvered Cabinets Under Flat Screen TV by Rue Magazine

By Bruce Wayne
No, no, no, you must never put something under flatscreen TV unless the thing can go in the same line with the sophistication and modernity provided by the TV. I believe, such rule has become something undeniable. If it’s a stand for the TV, it’s good. But, a cabinet? Won’t it ruin the whole modernity which has been set up by the TV? Nonetheless, from the picture, the way I see it, the rule mentioned before is wrong at this point. Black louvered cabinets placed below the flatscreen TV does nothing bad to the great theme set by the TV. In fact, it’s boosting it and you get extra storage space there for you to store your DVD or magazines. What a brilliant furniture choice and positioning!

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