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Tag : Black Kitchen Island

Modern Kitchen Island features Center Island Dining Table by Beth Webb Interiors

By Bruce Wayne
Kitchen island is always functioned only as a prep table. As seen in this contemporary kitchen design, island can also function as alternative dining table. Certainly, additional stools or chairs should be added in order to make the function possible. Even so, if stools as these ones seem to be too tall that comfortably dining can be experienced, it is totally fine to use something lower like regular chairs for example. The sure thing is that there should be compatibility in design and color to make the island in specific and the kitchen area in general look pretty with a theme. As for the number of the seats, the one shown here is a good example because alternative dining table like this is not really suitable to be paired with too many seats.

Elegant Black Kitchen with Silver Subway Tile Backsplash by Megan Winters

By Bruce Wayne
The silver subway tile backsplash in this kitchen is clearly fabulous. Instead of adding quite strong luxurious and modern look in the kitchen area, this detail factually also very suitable with black and white theme built in the interior design. There are even bubble-pendants look matching with all blending of colors. However, there are two things that better be replaced or simply removed since these can reduce the elegant look in the kitchen. The first ne is the island chair with brown frame and the other is the black flooring which shade is exactly the same with the shade of the cabinets so the cabinets look quite invisible in this design.

Modern Black and White Kitchen features Black and White Nautical KItchens by Megan Winters

By Bruce Wayne
The idea of using black color in this black and white nautical kitchen is undeniably amazing. It seems to prove that navy blue is not the only suitable and most elegant color can be chosen for any nautical room theme. Combined with the anchor details on the back rest of the chairs, it is quite clear that black is factually also a great alternative of color to consider for such theme. While the color combination looks so nice and balanced in the kitchen area, it is unfortunate that the kitchen hood is not really pleasant to see. It arrests too much attention but factually it is not that strong to become a focal point or a major accent in the interior. It would be better for silver hood with smaller size to be chosen.

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