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Gorgeous Drive Under House with Glossy Black Door by Lonny Magazine

By Bruce Wayne
If you want to make people wondering about your house, this exterior design can be your answer. I think the raw red bricks wall that is neatly constructed with white line is very attractive and will make it outstanding among the neighborhood. Actually, it looks a little bit excessive but it becomes very aye-catching after I see it twice. The white window frames with lovely window box, white fence, and white porch offer balance to the exterior. Moreover, each of those white items has interesting details, for example, the classic porch with a unique craft on the above. The black front door and black garage door with gold handles are the last gorgeous touch that completes the overall nice design.

House Exterior Design features French Black Garage Doors and Gray Shingled Roof

By Bruce Wayne
I am not really sure this is a private house or a mansion but this building is awesome. It looks like a royal family is living in this house. The exterior looks classy and simple and I totally love it. The white outside wall matches well with white windows frames and grey roof. The modest small garden with bushes of flower at the front adds more beautfy to the exterior. On the other hand, the black door with small window on the above harmonize with the black huge garage doors. The garage seems can keep more than two cars and it connect well with the main building.

Traditional Style Home features Black Garage Doors by Patrick Ahearn Architecture

By Bruce Wayne
By seeing this picture, it reminds me with a Hollywood movie named Pitch Perfect or something. It happens because it uses the similar color and design of its wall for the building design. So, I like it so much. I like the idea of contrasting the white walls with the black doors. I love the using of dormer windows because it adds the beauty of the building. The lamp over the black door spices up the design. Yet, I think the roof especially the roof tile needs some paintings because the color is like worn out. I think it can be better with black color. What about you, readers?

Excellent Garage Designs features Black Garage Doors by Anne Decker Architects

By Bruce Wayne
Looking at the picture, the garage is designed in a traditional structure. Yet, I think this garage idea has a contemporary element by using the contrast color: black and white and symmetrical shapes. That is why the uniqueness of this garage is that it classic but modern at the same time. I like the way everything is placed in a balance way. It can be seen from its alignment. It is simple but beautiful. In addition, the garage design make the building become the center of attention in the green environment. It is perfect to make the building outstanding. So, what do you think about this design, readers?

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