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Beautiful French Style Homes features Limestone Home Exterior with Black Front Door

By Bruce Wayne
The house looks old because the wall looks dirty and cracked but I think it is matter of the light when this picture taken. Do you agree with me? In spite of the confusing color of the wall, the exterior of this house looks plain. There is no part of the exterior that grabs my eyes. The house looks like an old apartment because of the plain tall design. Moreover, the low black fence looks common and the garden is so small. I think it is made like that to give a good outside view to the basement floor. Fortunately, the door looks quite nice with half round window above it and two lanterns in front of it.

Elegant Exterior Home Remodeling features Black Closet Doors by Greg Natale

By Bruce Wayne
Sometimes I miss detail in designing my house, including in the bedroom. However, after see this picture, I know that the closet door can be so influencing in giving certain atmosphere in the room. This black closet door looks so elegant yet mysterius. It seems good enough for front door, right? I think he material is taken from high quality wood and the octagonal design is very attractive. The door will be boring if there is no such beautiful detail near the handle. The simple metal straight handle adds the gracefulness of this door. I cannot imagine if the handle changes into different shape.

Exciting Home Entryway Ideas features Flagstone Steps by Thornton Designs

By Bruce Wayne
I fall in love immediately with this exterior. The exterior looks really warm and ready to welcome any guests who come to this house. The appearance of the front door is simple but the details attached in some parts of the porch can make the entire look considers attractive. The wood door is only painted in black without any patterns or accessories but the black lantern hanging in front of it and the matching sconces at both sides help the simple door into special one. The two wood containers with rounded plants add cheerfulness to the exterior. Moreover, the welcome mat and flagstone flooring complete the gorgeous house exterior.

Gorgeous Drive Under House with Glossy Black Door by Lonny Magazine

By Bruce Wayne
If you want to make people wondering about your house, this exterior design can be your answer. I think the raw red bricks wall that is neatly constructed with white line is very attractive and will make it outstanding among the neighborhood. Actually, it looks a little bit excessive but it becomes very aye-catching after I see it twice. The white window frames with lovely window box, white fence, and white porch offer balance to the exterior. Moreover, each of those white items has interesting details, for example, the classic porch with a unique craft on the above. The black front door and black garage door with gold handles are the last gorgeous touch that completes the overall nice design.

Astonishing Exterior Home Designs features Attached 3 Car Garage with Black French Doors Accented

By Bruce Wayne
The house looks grande with three stories including the attic. The great exterior of this house seems represent the beatiful interior inside it. I like the house has large front yard that can be used for various activity. The large black path matches well with the black roof and the black window frames. However, I think the path is too wide. The small graden alongside with the path makes the yard looks lovely. Besides the exterior of the house, the large garage that can keep three cars also grabs my attention. The wood door with raw brick wall adds the uniqueness of the garage.

Exterior House Design Ideas features Behind Tall Hedges and Black Front Door by Disc Interiors

By Bruce Wayne
Do you love privacy? Do you want to live without any disturb from the outsider? If so, this photo answers your wish. I myself also love to keep my privacy when I am in my house. However, this house takes rather extreme step to keep isolated with outer world. The tall and long green fence truly covers the house, so I totally enable to see the house. Planted fence is actually a nice choice but I think it is too high. Moreover, the fence does not seem cut neatly or grown nicely. It is quite unfortunate because I like the gate or the black front door. The door is quite simple but stunning with white frames and two black lanterns.

Exterior Home Design features Black Front Door and Black Lattice Gate by Redmond Aldrich Design

By Bruce Wayne
The exterior of the house should be pretty like this picture. The front door looks really welcoming and simple. The door is quite simple with classic bronze handle and the brown welcome mat gives a little friendly touch. I am quite surprise how the owner use black colors as the theme but it still looks warm. The fence, flooring, stair, and the door are in black. Besides their combination with white wall and the wood outer wall, the main thing that makes the exterior looks lovely is the beautiful cherry blossom. The flower really grabs my attention when I look at this exterior.

Contemporary Entrance Foyer features Round Glass Top Foyer Table by Ashley Goforth Design

By Bruce Wayne
This round glass top foyer table is fantastic with unique design. It is very appropriate to be used for contemporary and industrial home design idea. I am amazed with the perfect combination between the glass top and the steel legs. They match perfectly one to another. Moreover, I like the round shape that similar to the round top. Moreover, it is accompanied with the industrial lamp. Yet, I do like it better if the table is positioned as the center of the picture or the door is closed. Thus, the center of the attention can be the table only, can’t it?

Classic Home Entrance features Black Front Door with Mirrored Planters by Ryan Saghian

By Bruce Wayne
I love the exterior of this house because it looks simple yet elegant. I love the white and black color combination because it shows clean feel. The wall is painted white fully but it does not feel too plain because of the faint stripes on it. On the other hand, the door looks classy with silver doorknocker. The two modern pots of plants help the atmosphere to be more welcoming. The mirror with black X shape square containers go along well with the welcome mat. Do not forget to mention the gorgeous grey concrete flooring with geometrical pattern that complete the stunning exterior.

Elegant Front Porch with Glossy Black Door

By Bruce Wayne
This porch reminds me of colonial style where the design is pretty simple yet it has strong characteristic. The main door is really captivating. It features black glossy tone that gives a wonderful look to the whole scene. Moreover, large pot can accommodate green vegetation that can provide refreshing atmosphere. I love the simple wall lamp that look like a bird cage. The white wall design can lift up your mood because it is way so bright. I love the concrete gray flooring that provides classic look to this porch. May be the owner can add mail box on the wall, so that it can also be functioned as decorative item.

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