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Tag : Black Double Doors

Elegant Exterior Home Remodeling features Black Closet Doors by Greg Natale

By Bruce Wayne
Sometimes I miss detail in designing my house, including in the bedroom. However, after see this picture, I know that the closet door can be so influencing in giving certain atmosphere in the room. This black closet door looks so elegant yet mysterius. It seems good enough for front door, right? I think he material is taken from high quality wood and the octagonal design is very attractive. The door will be boring if there is no such beautiful detail near the handle. The simple metal straight handle adds the gracefulness of this door. I cannot imagine if the handle changes into different shape.

Contemporary Dining Room Decor features Black and White Dining Chairs by Megan Winters

By Bruce Wayne
The combination of black and white theme for dining room is not only fabulous but also timeless. However, the one we see here is not really nice. The busy pattern of the chairs makes the dining room area to look too crowded even if the fact is that the room is spacious enough. If this kind of chair is wanted, it seems better to place at most two chairs in this pattern only around the table while the other chairs are replaced with something else. Besides, it seems the 3 extra chairs that are away from the table as we all can see here is not really necessary. In fact, in only makes the room even more crowded.

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