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Elegant Exterior Home Remodeling features Black Closet Doors by Greg Natale

By Bruce Wayne
Sometimes I miss detail in designing my house, including in the bedroom. However, after see this picture, I know that the closet door can be so influencing in giving certain atmosphere in the room. This black closet door looks so elegant yet mysterius. It seems good enough for front door, right? I think he material is taken from high quality wood and the octagonal design is very attractive. The door will be boring if there is no such beautiful detail near the handle. The simple metal straight handle adds the gracefulness of this door. I cannot imagine if the handle changes into different shape.

Gorgeous Drive Under House with Glossy Black Door by Lonny Magazine

By Bruce Wayne
If you want to make people wondering about your house, this exterior design can be your answer. I think the raw red bricks wall that is neatly constructed with white line is very attractive and will make it outstanding among the neighborhood. Actually, it looks a little bit excessive but it becomes very aye-catching after I see it twice. The white window frames with lovely window box, white fence, and white porch offer balance to the exterior. Moreover, each of those white items has interesting details, for example, the classic porch with a unique craft on the above. The black front door and black garage door with gold handles are the last gorgeous touch that completes the overall nice design.

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