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Luxury Black and white French Round Back Dining Chairs by Lucy and Company

By Bruce Wayne
The idea of color combination I can see in this dining room design is really nice. It does not only make the entire room feels warmer. Instead, it also creates such an inviting atmosphere in the same room. Although it is so, it cannot be denied that there are several things that should be reconsidered here because those are not really suitable to the height or the room that is quite low. The things meant here are nothing else but the high-back chair and also the long chandelier above the table. Since the room looks rather small too, it would be nicer if the number of chair in there is reduced when not really needed.

Romantic Purple Dining Rooms features Purple Velvet Dining Chairs by Helen Davis Design

By Bruce Wayne
For you who are in love with purple color quite the most, I suggest you to get inspired from this dining room design, especially because of the use of grayish purple walls and purple dining chairs. Especially for the chairs, these look very fabulous with combination of golden color. Even the black table can match the purple seats greatly. It seems, choosing chandelier or buffet cabinet with golden touches will make the room design to look better generally. The same idea can also be applied in the decorations place on the table. Talking about the decorations, it seems these are just too much and it would be better if you reduce the amount a bit.

Contemporary Dining Room Decor features Black and White Dining Chairs by Megan Winters

By Bruce Wayne
The combination of black and white theme for dining room is not only fabulous but also timeless. However, the one we see here is not really nice. The busy pattern of the chairs makes the dining room area to look too crowded even if the fact is that the room is spacious enough. If this kind of chair is wanted, it seems better to place at most two chairs in this pattern only around the table while the other chairs are replaced with something else. Besides, it seems the 3 extra chairs that are away from the table as we all can see here is not really necessary. In fact, in only makes the room even more crowded.

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