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Breathtaking Farmhouse Dining Table with Black Salt Chairs by Sabbe Interior Design

By Bruce Wayne
This cottage-style dining room looks really good with the combination of contrast colors between white, brown, and black. Undeniably, black is the most prominent color here, which looks really nice with brown and white as the background. There are also some touches of golden color as seen in the chandelier and wall decoration that becomes another great accents in the dining area. Unfortunately, the window at the back is left untreated. Even if the purpose is to make the views outside visible from inside, I think it would be much better when a shade or curtain is added to the window in order to make privacy more flexible in the dining room.

Contemporary Dining Room Furniture features Marble Parsons Dining Table by Naina Singla

By Bruce Wayne
In simple words, everything is already available in the design of this dining room. There are enough patterns, enough texture, and enough compatible color combination that is added in balance. The only questionable thing here is nothing else but the buffet cabinet that is located in the corner of the room. I mean, why is it located there instead of the center of the room side? If the buffet cabinet is placed in in the middle of the right wall, the mirror with fabulous and elegant golden sun frame will factually look better since this will automatically become a focal point in the dining room design.

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