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Tag : Black Crown Moldings

Contemporary Dining Room Ideas features Black Director Dining Chairs by Megan Winters

By Bruce Wayne
The use of black as the major color and white as the secondary color of this dining room is undeniably stunning. Everything looks in a good balance here, especially because the black color dominates the room really nicely without making the white secondary color to look very small. Unfortunately, the lamp pendant hanging on the ceiling seems not to be suitable to the overall black and white design theme. This can be perfect if more golden details are also added in there, such as golden dining wares on the table. This way, the pendant should not be removed since this can be one with the theme in general.

Elegant Black Kitchen with Silver Subway Tile Backsplash by Megan Winters

By Bruce Wayne
The silver subway tile backsplash in this kitchen is clearly fabulous. Instead of adding quite strong luxurious and modern look in the kitchen area, this detail factually also very suitable with black and white theme built in the interior design. There are even bubble-pendants look matching with all blending of colors. However, there are two things that better be replaced or simply removed since these can reduce the elegant look in the kitchen. The first ne is the island chair with brown frame and the other is the black flooring which shade is exactly the same with the shade of the cabinets so the cabinets look quite invisible in this design.

Contemporary Home Office features Wallpapered Wainscoting and Dark Gray Ceiling Accented by Sotheby’s Realty

By Bruce Wayne
The first time I see this room, I can react like “wow, it’s wonderful”. It seems that the interior designer doesn’t want to go with the trend that commonly use white as the basic color tone for a library office. The glossy black really mesmerizing and it looks extraordinary with gorgeous chandelier. The large motif carpet also beautifies the room with the mosaic pattern. The twin black framed window can provide additional lighting during the day light which is absolutely very good. The placement of the main desk is also appropriate because it still allows the home owner to move here and there. This room is a wonderful artistic work that I should really appreciate.

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