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Tag : Black And White Pillows

Transitional Dining Room Furniture features Black Glass Front Dining Room Hutch by Beth Webb Interiors

By Bruce Wayne
Seeing the use of neutral color in this dining room is so peaceful. This kind of color choice is factually very suitable for rustic of country design. The type of window shades used even makes the compatibility even better. However, there is a black hutch located on a side of the room. While the shape of the hutch is really matching with the design idea, I think the use of black as the main color is not really nice to see. It is especially because the hutch looks like something really bold and separated from the room design. The black hutch can be suitable when there are more details in black color placed as well in the dining room.

Elegant Black and White Bedroom Designs with Lamps Black Shades by Megan Winters

By Bruce Wayne
This black and white bedroom is very gorgeous. And I believe that the interior designer has a good artistic sense. I love the tufted white headboard that attach on the wall. It gives wonderful artistic feature to the room. Moreover, the white cozy bed is also completed with beautiful black and white flower motif pillows. I like the idea of placing twin comfortable seating side by side to the main bed. And also, the twin table lamps provide adequate lighting system and most importantly they give sweet accent to the room. The glossy metal cabinet is another great piece of furniture that makes this room look more perfect. Overall, I don’t have any complaint about this room because I love this room.

Contemporary Style for Pink Office Rug features White Loveseat by House of Harper

By Bruce Wayne
It seems that contemporary style becoming the latest trend on home interior design. It can bee seen from the picture above where the library office emphasizing simplicity as the main theme. I love the placement of acrylic table in the center. It allows other furniture to shine especially the white elegant sofa and the cozy fluffy pillows. The interior designer also bravely places a large pink fur rug without any doubt. But for me, it’s a bit out of place to place clothes hanger in the corner of the room. It doesn’t please the eye. It would be better to place large porcelain in the corner to give more unique sense into the room.

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