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Tag : Black And White Garden Tiles

Elegant French Garden with Freestanding French Double Sided Fireplace and Outdoor Dining Table Set

By Bruce Wayne
The idea of using freestanding double-sided fireplace in this French-styled garden is quite fabulous. It is not merely about the fact that the fireplace is so elegant. As a matter of fact, this item also has the ability to add more warmth in the area. That is why the garden is factually also suitable to be called as perfect alternative to indoor dining area. Besides, this is also such a fine garden to choose as an outdoor party venue, especially when the party is held at night when the dramatic effect shown by the fireplace can be seen even better compared to when the party is held at day.

Fabolous French Garden with Black and White Harlequin Floor features Outdoor Long Dining Table Set

By Bruce Wayne
This garden and outdoor dining area look very elegant and fabulous as a matter of fact. The matching color theme between the gate and the tiles are simply perfect. Unfortunately, the dining chairs are made with chrome-colored framed so the chairs look like something that is separated from the whole theme. I think it would be nicer if the chair frame is black in color and the cushion is white. Other than that, it is also quite possible to make the frame white and the cushion black instead. So I guess everything here is perfect except for the chrome color of the dining chairs.

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