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Tag : Black And White Border Bedding

Modern Blue Bedroom Ideas features White and Blue Border Duvet and Shams by Megan Winters

By Bruce Wayne
This minimalist bedroom has successfully grabbed my attention because of its futuristic style. I love the coordinated color between black, white, and blue in this wonderful bedroom. I love the main bed that features contrast color like black and white and also the wall decoration that is very beautiful with its blue color. I also love to see a comfortable black fabric chair by the window. It allows the home owner to have comfortable seating when he or she is not in duty. The abstract painting as the headboard is also a brilliant idea because it can also function as decorative items. The fur rug that covers the main floor is also wonderful because it provides warmer atmosphere to the room. I think I have no complaint with this beautiful bedroom look.

Gorgeous White and Beige Bedroom features Tall White Tufted Headboard by Megan Winters

By Bruce Wayne
I love the colors coordination in this modern bedroom because they seems blending so well. The white tufted headboard attached to the soft brown wall is very gorgeous. I also love the large mirror next to the headboard that can reflect the beautiful outside view. Moreover, the black framed window can provide additional lighting in the day light. The stripes black and soft brown bed sheet is also good. However, I feel like this room is a bit messy and crowded. I think the polka dot chair must be removed so that there is a free space available. I also adore the unique hanging lamp that makes this room look special.

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