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Tag : Black And White Abstract Art

Modern White and Grey Bedroom Design features White and Silver Chair by Megan Winters

By Bruce Wayne
This bedroom is very gorgeous especially with its simple white design. I used to features more than two colors in my room because I think it will be much more interesting. But in this picture, I will definitely love the color tone. The combination between white and grey is very dramatic and it doesn’t look dull. I love the perfect white bed and headboard that is perfectly matched with the grey wall. The white cozy chair will provide enjoyable resting time plus the twin desk lamps are also wonderful to provide adequate lighting. I also love the small cabinet next to the main bed because it can store the most valuable thing. I think I have no complaint because I simply like it.

Elegant Home Office features Black Desk with White Chair by Authenticity B Designs

By Bruce Wayne
Black and white always become my favorite color for home interior because it can provide dramatic look. Therefore, I will easily love this room because of its interesting color tone. The black open shelving system behind the main desk is look extravagant especially its matte appearance. I also like the white cozy chairs that features fluffy material. But I think the abstract painting on the shelves is not appropriate. It is better to move the abstract painting on the wall it gives different accent to the plain white wall. I adore the sleek wooden flooring which is exactly not out of place.

Elegant Home Office with Ornate French Desk and Zebra Print Rug by Ryan Saghian

By Bruce Wayne
I think this library office is so unique and wonderful. The interior design is very curvy and straight forward. I love the combination between black and white in this room which makes the room feel extra ordinary unlike other library office interior design that I used to see. I really like the way the designer place golden accent to the desk lamp and also on the table. The French desk seems perfectly fit for this room and it is more beautiful with the existence of zebra motive rug. Although personally I love black, for this room, I prefer the designer place soft brown leather chair to give more dramatic atmosphere. All in all, I like the whole placement.

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