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Modern Room Closet Ideas features Walk in Closet with Chandelier by Coco Republic

By Bruce Wayne
I love the black and white theme of this dressing room which makes the whole room look simple and elegant. The open built-in closet can display the most recent collection and it makes the home owner easier to pick the most favorite clothes to wear. I like the idea of placing a large cabinet with black marble top. It can provide more storage especially for small item such as watches, necklaces, or rings. Although the chandelier gives more dramatic atmosphere, I think it won’t give adequate lighting. It will be nice if bright scone featured in this room. To sum up, I love the interior design.

Luxury Closet Room Ideas features Closet Built In Window Seat with Shoe Shelf by Coco Republic

By Bruce Wayne
White always becomes my favorite color tone because it’s very elegant and charming. In this room, white seems perfect for small spaces because it can illuminate spaciousness feeling. I love the arrangement of this room where it is not only has one function. But actually there are two functions include reading nook and closet room. I also love potted flower above the cabinet it gives fresh feeling to the room. I think the placement of chandelier in this closet room is not appropriate. It will be much better to place multiple downlights for it is very important to have adequate lighting.

Contemporary Home Office features Wallpapered Wainscoting and Dark Gray Ceiling Accented by Sotheby’s Realty

By Bruce Wayne
The first time I see this room, I can react like “wow, it’s wonderful”. It seems that the interior designer doesn’t want to go with the trend that commonly use white as the basic color tone for a library office. The glossy black really mesmerizing and it looks extraordinary with gorgeous chandelier. The large motif carpet also beautifies the room with the mosaic pattern. The twin black framed window can provide additional lighting during the day light which is absolutely very good. The placement of the main desk is also appropriate because it still allows the home owner to move here and there. This room is a wonderful artistic work that I should really appreciate.

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