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Beautiful Bedroom Ideas features Gold Leaf Bedside Table Lamps by Ashley Goforth Design

By Bruce Wayne
This bed room is very simple but it is still looked amazing because of its wonderful arrangement. I love the wonderful tufted grey headboard that perfectly matches with the white background. Moreover, the elegant black fluffy pillows also make a great appearance that make the room has different color tone. I love the golden accent that comes from the table lamp. The black small table next to the bed is also wonderful. The room looks brighter because there is a large glass window that provides additional lighting during the day light. I think this bedroom is pretty sums up what I always wanted to have in a bedroom.

Beautiful Nursery Interior Design features Gray Otomi Headboard Homepolish

By Bruce Wayne
The picture above only show a little part of a nursery room but I am mistaken for a while that it is a kid bedroom. Well, I cannot see any crib or some thing that show baby things, nevertheless I love the design. It seems that the room is quite simple with light grey wall and only have a white lovely sun-like decoration on it. Despite of the simplicity, the thing that makes the room less plain is the animal printed headboard. With grey shiloute animal and plant pictures, the headboard makes the room and the bed becomes fun. The small elephant statue on the side table and the elephant printed pillow between the white ones show that the room may have animal concept and that is nice.

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