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Tag : Beadboard Porch Ceiling

Fresh Element for Long Covered Porch with Carriage Lanterns

By Bruce Wayne
I love this porch because it features fresh element that can boost your mood while enjoying your tea time. Moreover, the white chair gives comfortable seating so that you can enjoy your morning reading time. I love the long covered wall that features glossy black tone which makes the area look standout. I love the cute hanging lamps that look like bird cage. The ceiling department is also simple because it has flat design. The white ceiling gives modern look and it creates spacious look to the whole porch. It seems like the tile flooring is also wonderful because it is made of high quality material. Over all, I like this beautiful porch.

Exclusive Style for Covered Porch

By Bruce Wayne
This porch is very beautiful because it has successfully combine two different contrasting color. Although the color tone is contrasting each other, it can be seen as harmonious scene. I love the glossy black door that seems so bold. Moreover, the gray wall is complementing the wonderful porch. I love the white main door that featuring multiple mirrors on it so that it can reflects the beautiful green vegetation in front of the house. The hanging lamp is so cute; it looks like a bird cage. The marble flooring show its first class, so that it can reflect your exclusive style.

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