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Perfect Seaside Deck features Seaside Patio with Wicker Lounges by Kelly Nutt Design

By Bruce Wayne
I always dream to have a relaxing place beside an open sea which I think it’s impossible. Now I see this picture and I believe that my dream can be true. I love the cozy wicker lounge in this picture which is perfect piece of furniture to rest a tired body. The wicker lounge looks pretty ethnic because they are made of raw rattan material. Moreover, fluffy pillows give more comfortable feeling while enjoying the cool breeze. I don’t have any negativity seeing the decoration of this picture; I guess the designer pay serious attention to the detail especially the color combination.

Excotic Seaside Deck features Stucco Outdoor Fireplace and Wicker Sofa Set by Kelly Nutt Design

By Bruce Wayne
This deck is very beautiful because the transparent glass window allows the home owner to have a chance to look at beautiful open sea. Moreover, I love every piece of furniture placed in this deck. Begin with the rattan bench where the home owner can rest comfortably. And also alluring single blue chairs which is probably fit with the scenery outside. Actually I love the idea to place a large fireplace in this deck, but it will be perfect if the wall on the fire place has bright tone. Fresh green will make the deck look natural so that it will give more soothing effect.

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