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Tag : Beach Cottage Guest House

Stunning Cottage Guest House features White Slipcovered Sofa and White Slipcovered Headboard by Braun Adams

By Bruce Wayne
I love the eclectic style of this cottage guest house. The white king size bed gives a good sleeping experience to the guest. I also adore the curvy ceiling concept that looks amazing and futuristic. This cottage guest house also feature cozy white sofa that will surely make the guest love to stay for more hours. I really adore the contrasting color between the floor and the wall. The flooring area looks perfect with dark brown tone and also the rug complementing the whole scene. The walling area is also perfect with its elegant white color. I think this guest house is amazing on its own.

Lovely Beach Cottage Guest House Design features White Slipcovered Sofa by Braun Adams

By Bruce Wayne
I like the style of this bathroom especially with white color tone that looks so elegant. Moreover, the large king size bed provide a comfortable sleeping time to the home owner. I love the colorful accent that comes from the fluffy pillows. The ceiling design is also wonderful and it looks so futuristic. Moreover, with a small living space, this bedroom can never go wrong. With white long couch, this bedroom can accommodate a family gathering inside the bedroom. The double soft brown rug provide warmer atmosphere that will surely keep the family members stay much longer in this room. I also love the simple brown laminate flooring that gives darker hue to the bright bedroom.

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