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Wonderful Basement features Playroom with Tolix Kids Chair

By Bruce Wayne
A playroom usually has spacious space because kids love to make some moves when they are playing. However, some people might only have small basement to transform into cozy playing room just like in the picture above. I love the idea of plastic kids chair featured in this room; they are absolutely the right option. With soft creamy wall color and gorgeous dim lights, it can give calming atmosphere. The wooden table is quite good but it will be much better if the size is only a half from what has been displayed above. The stripes rug is absolutely a must item for kids’ playroom and I just can say this room is very elegant.

Stunning Basement Playroom Storage Ideas features Comfortable Sofa

By Bruce Wayne
This basement playroom is very attracting for kids because the colorful storage just made their day. With vibrant color design, the room looks cheerful and elegant at the same time. But I think the placement of large white couch in this playroom is a bit annoying because the kids cannot move freely. I highly recommend putting small colorful chairs against the wall so that there is enough space for playing around. Overall, I love this simple playroom especially the wall design which simply makes the room elegant without over painting hues. The warm rug is absolutely irresistible because it will keep the kids happy to stay for more hours.

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