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Lovely Walk In Closet with Built In Dressers and Jonathan Adler Meurice Drum Pendant by Rock Paper Hammer

By Bruce Wayne
This room can sum up my imagination about walk-in closet that can be used to accommodate a bunch of fashion collection. The large freestanding dresser with bag storage on top is a great piece of furniture. Moreover, the long cabinet island is so wonderful with pure white tone. The scone is very great that it can provide adequate lighting into the room. I need to make a specific comment on the flooring ideas. I think it will be better if there was a touch of marble material to make the room at least has shimmering look. Over all, I simply adore this dressing room.

Breathtaking Walk in Closet Design features Mirrored Cabinets for Sunglasses by Rock Paper Hammer

By Bruce Wayne
Women love to show off everything they have especially their wonderful fashion taste. Expensive shoes, luxurious wallet, beautiful dresses need an elegant and appropriate closet so that they will be well-displayed. In the picture above, I can see a nice cabinet that features most recent shoes’ model. Moreover, to create an illusion of larger shoes’ cabinet, there is a large mirror glass. I think the arrangement of the shoes is not that good because it look messy. There must be additional storage by placing a small cabinet with several drawers in the middle of the room. All in all, I love this dressing room but no for the arrangement.

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