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Gorgeous Backyard Home Design features Oval Shaped Swimming Pool

By Bruce Wayne
The oval shaped swimming pool is quite adorable, isn’t it? It reminds me with a hotel that I have ever stayed when I was a child. The half-circle stair becomes a great entrance to the pool. There is also a half-circle tub next to the pool. With blue tiled edge of the pool, the swimming pool becomes cooler. I also love the neat green backyard. The big tree, tall natural fence, and the green grass are perfect combination for the backyard. I guess it is really fun to spend time there with family, especially with the black outside dining set. The house exterior is also great with ivory wall and black window covers.

Delectable Pool Cabana features Brick Wall Texture and White Slipcovered Sofa by Aidan Gray Home

By Bruce Wayne
When I see this pool the unique pool cabana is noticeable. The cabana is made of small stone for almost part and that material makes the cabana matchless. The metal covers above the windows and doors are also distinctive. With the white curtains at the main entrance, the cabana seems like having a bohemian theme. The ivy plants start to grow and cover the pillar of the cabana and the pink flowers on small brown pot in the entrance. Those things that make the cabana becomes pretty. The interior of the cabana has white theme that can be seen from the white covered chairs and the white fireplace. The pool beside the cabana is quite fun and fresh with turquoise water color.

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