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Tag : Backsplashes For White Kitchens

Lovely White Kitchen Ideas features White Inset Kitchen Cabinets with Brass Knobs by Mona Ross Berman Interiors

By Bruce Wayne
I love this simple kitchen idea that will grab many people attention. The design of this kitchen remind me of the colonial house where it features not much color in one scene. The mounted kitchen cabinet with white tone gives elegant look to this kitchen. Moreover, the black countertop gives natural hues that will neutralize the atmosphere around the kitchen. There is a large glass window overlooking the main garden which of course will bring you calm feeling. The small fridge with silver color gives another dimension to this eclectic kitchen. For the flooring area, I have no bad word because I love the hard wooden that featured in it.

Excellent White Kitchen with White Marble Hex Backsplash and Butler Pantry Beverage Drawers by Laura Casey Interiors

By Bruce Wayne
This kitchen is very beautiful and elegant at the same time. I love the white marble backsplash that gives luxurious feeling to the owner. Moreover, the round sink is very unique and it gives an artistic touch to the actual small kitchen. There is transparent mounted cabinet that can display your favorite item. To have more storage, there are plenty drawers that comes in white. The white wall seems perfect because it can create spacious feeling. However, it will be much more interesting if there is a small potted flower because it will create another decorative element. Over all, I like this simple kitchen.

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