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Astounding Boys Room Ideas features Nursery with Gray Striped Accent Wall by Homepolish

By Bruce Wayne
The nursery room looks mess. There are too many wall accessories and items in the room but I think the picture really shows the real nursery. Nursery is mess in most time especially when the baby is getting older. The striped wall looks great and matches well with the grey crib, but the alphabet stickers ruin the pleasant mood. The stickers actually look cute and helpful for the baby but the jumble arrangement make them look bad. Moreover, the the grey theme also appear in the freestanding metal bookcase and floating metal shelf but it also chaos with the untidy bath tools.

Stunning White Nursery Decor features White and Tan Gender Neutral Nursery by Lucy and Company

By Bruce Wayne
White is always a good choice for gender neutral nursery like the picture above. I love how the room does not only apply white color but also tan color. I guess it will be boring if there is no additional tan color in the room. Every furniture in that room has simple design and the interior also simple with minimum pattern and decoration. The furniture that has pattern is only the pillows. The pillow has tan zigzag pattern on it and it looks warm. The other thing that is not in solid color is the wall. I cannot see the design of the wallpaper but it helps a lot to make the room more exciting because there is no single wall decoration except the grey round mirror.

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