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Tag : Baby Boy Nursery Decor

Wonderful Baby Boy Nursery Bedding with Floating Shelves by Abaca Interiors

By Bruce Wayne
The animal theme that this nursery tries to bring is lovely. With white background, the huge animal dolls seem alive. Thanks to the animal dolls, the white wall, window, and crib do not feel plain. The room is actually quite simple but the dolls decoration create cheerful atmosphere. Besides, the giraffe, dog, and elephant doll placed on the floor, other smaller dolls are put on the white floating shelves. All the animal dolls look very cute and seem ready to protect the baby from any harm. The other thing that is outstanding in the nursery is the large abstract painting. The painting looks strange to be put there because it does not relate to animal. However, I love the mixture of the colors and I think the painting balance to the room.

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