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Tag : Attic Family Rooms

Fabolous Attic Family Room Ideas features Contemporary Ping Pong Table and Light Hardwood Floors by TTM Development

By Bruce Wayne
When the first time I see the picture, my eyes directly goes to the green striped table tennis table. It does not match with the kitchen area which becomes the main function of this room. It will be great if the game table can perform as island too once the net is removed. However, the existence of wheels at the bottom of the table means that the table can be removed anytime and that’s perfect. The kitchen is minimalist and I like it because there are too many useless accessories. The American map hanging on the wall with two sconces gives lovely touch to the kitchen.

Fascinating Attic TV Rooms features Blue Sectional Sofas by HGTV

By Bruce Wayne
I like this family room! The details strengthen each other’ strong point and it makes the whole view seems complete. The TV placement is also perfect supported by two white table lamps. The unique TV cabinet also gives attractive touch yet useful. One thing that concerns me in this room is the woven tray in the middle of the family room. The room will look bigger if the small tray is taken out. The wood square tables offer enough space to put some items rather than the tray. In addition, the flowers add warmness and cheerfulness in the room, so it does not look firm and dull.

Gorgeous Media Room Design features Family TV Room Sectionals by HGTV

By Bruce Wayne
I always love skylights and that’s why i love this room. Skylights function as great lighting for attic room and the room above really shows it. The skylights do give proper light to the family room. The wall and the ceiling is only paint in white to create spacious ambience. When I look closer, I realize that there are some wood lines through the wall and I think it is simple yet beautiful accent to make the wall pretty. The blue sofa and its various pillows and also grey carpet flooring complete the coziness of the room. However, the big hanging lamp should be replaced with smaller one so the room does not appear smaller than it should be.

Beautiful Media Room Decor features Window Seat Curtains and Blue Sofa Sets by HGTV

By Bruce Wayne
The media room looks very relaxing with the blue touch on the sofa and the curtain. Making a cool media room in attic is not easy but I think the designer do a good job. Unfortunately, I cannot see the whole picture of the media room but this limited part of the room shows that it presents fresh atmosphere. A vase of sunflower and good lighting plays a big role to the current atmosphere. I love the window seat part because it looks exclusive with the curtains that can close the space and the unique star-shaped hanging lamp. The display cabinet that shows glasses and jars of snacks also adds plus point to the room.

Delightful Interior Decorating Ideas features Family TV Room with Candy Snack Cabinet by HGTV

By Bruce Wayne
I really enjoy snack all day, especially during my leisure time. I have a sweet tooth, so I love eating chocolate and candies and luckily, I found this snack bar. I always have difficult time to put my snack in the cabinet since my TV cabinet made of glass. It looks ugly when I just put a pack of candies there; and after see the picture, I get inspiration to put my snacks and candies in jars. It can be also a beautiful display in my living room. The glass jars do not feel awkward at all standing next to various fancy glasses.

Family Room with Blue Geometric Pillows by Carmina Roth Interiors

By John Doe
Love this living room! The combination of white and blue colors make this room seems tranquil and fresh. I already can imagine how relax i am going to be if i can sit in that sofa. Just taking a nap, chatting with friends, or only reading a book on the sofa can make my day bright and happy. Besides the wonderful choice of colors, the lighting captures my attention most. From the skylight to the downlights, i love all of them. The star-shaped lamp above the window seat gives a bright impact for overall ambience. However, the big hanging lamp across the room looks very uncomfortable to see.

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