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Walk Through Closet to Bathroom features a Built-in Window Seat Topped by Brooke Wagner Design

By Bruce Wayne
A bathroom that connected with dressing room directly is a brilliant idea. Just like in the picture above, a long walk way directly connected to elegant white bathroom. I love the home interior designer that is very creative to place a nice white closet side by side. Moreover, there is window seat with comfy mattresses and fluffy pillows to rest tired body. The hard-wooden flooring brings classy style into this minimalist home style. I think the home owner should cover the wall with decorative wall paper so that it will cheer up the plain room. Adding glamorous crystal chandelier will be another advantage to decorate the room.

Extraordinary Front Porch Ideas features Gold Front Door and Arched Red Brick Doorway by Sally Breer

By Bruce Wayne
The appearance of the exterior of this front door is quite shocking. It is because of the gold door that I never expect before. The gold front door reminds me of a door of a safety room in a bank on a cartoon. The color of the door will attract many people when they see it while walking through the house. I think it is not a bad idea because it may be the favorite color of the owner. However, the surprising part does not only stop at the door but it continues to the raw red bricks porch. The gold door goes well with the black wall as the background but it is sure a weird combination when I see the brick wall in front of it. The patterned flooring in the porch seems also out of place.

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