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Modern Nursery Furniture features Restoration Hardware Marcelle Crib and white and Gray Lattice Wallpaper by Domaine Home

By Bruce Wayne
Nursery with teepee on it is a brilliant idea. The white and black stripped teepee becomes a unique room decoration that will be useful when the baby has grown up. The teepee is in harmony with the stripped curtains and the geometrical wallpaper. The nursery looks full because of the patterns spread all over the room. The carpet is also not in solid color but leaves pattern. Almost all things in the nursery have pattern except the crib. The simple light brown crib looks warm and distinctive among the other furniture. The animal decorations over it are cute and they seem protect the baby.

Astonishing Nursery for Boys features Restoration Hardware Baby and Child Roll Arm Rocker with Slipcover by Domaine Home

By Bruce Wayne
This nursery looks cute with tall animal doll (I don’t know what brown animal it is). Animal theme brought by this room is gorgeous because it does not look too childish but stylish instead. The animal theme is shown through the doll and the artwork. The animal paintings on the wall are very interesting and attractive. The small animal head statue in the middle of the paintings completes the theme. The brown leaves patterned carpet also supports the theme. On the other hand, the geometrical black and white wallpaper looks sophisticated. It matches well with the striped curtain and blanket. The grey rocking armchair also looks great and comfortable.

Awesome Nursery Ideas for Boys features Walnut Wallpaper Nouvelle Me Wallpaper by Domaine Home

By Bruce Wayne
This nursery has an amazing interior. When I see it, I really adore the details given in this nursery. The changing dresser is absolutely the best one. The design is contemporary with elegant dark wood material. I want to take the dresser into my house and I believe you want it too, do you? The fresh pink flowers in a glass pot on the dresser make the room fresh and cheerful. However, the star printed pad above it is a little bit distinct but it fits for nursery. I think it balances the contemporary design to not too look mature. The same case happens to the geometrical walnut wallpaper that has cute artwork as the decoration.

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