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gray and white kitchens gray glass mini brick kitchen backsplash tiles white kitchen cabinets

Bruce Wayne

Stunning White and Gray Kitchen with Gray Glass Kitchen Backsplash Tiles by LBC Design

Bruce Wayne


I love this small kitchen idea that give wonderful feeling for the home owner. The gray furniture that comes from the mounted kitchen cabinet gives natural hues to this room. The mounted cabinet has sliding door so that the home owner can easily slide the door to take the item inside. The silvery stove and cooktop is very interesting because it can give futuristic theme to this small kitchen. The exposed white brick backsplash give a large feeling to its actual size. The white wooden countertop is also sweet and it will be better if there is a potted green vegetation to give refreshing vibe. However, this small room is quite nice and I love it very much.
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LBC Design
April 7th, 2016

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