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sophisticated grey dining room walls gray wainscoting gray silk drapes natural linen dining chairs oval dining table

Bruce Wayne

Sophisticated Gray Dining Room features Dark Oval Dining Table Lined with Natural Linen Dining Chairs by Shabby Slips Austin

Bruce Wayne


In my opinion, the basic concept that is related to the selection of color combination in this dining room is really nice, in which gray, black and some neutral colors meet in a place. However, the details are not really nice. Moreover, the room can be said to be the picture of an untidy room after you move in to a new house and not yet tidying up. This can be seen in the choice of curtains and chair covers that are not neat at all. It would be nicer if the curtains are smoother and the chair covers are neater at the lower part.
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Shabby Slips Austin
Dining Room
March 22nd, 2016

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