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Bruce Wayne

Simple Laundry Room and Bathroom with Marble Hex Tile Backsplash by Kelly G Robson Design

Bruce Wayne


I really love the white concept of this bathroom because it can show an exclusive style of its owner. With soft cream mosaic backsplash completed with silvery faucet, the bathroom which is also functioned as laundri room looks adorable and fun. I love the idea of placing wooden white cabinet below the sink because it can provide more storage. However, I want to see some refreshment on the walling idea. Maybe, the owner should give more vibrant color like soft lime to make the room look fresh and neat. To give more chic representation, putting potted flower above the marble table is a must. Over all, I love this simple laundry room and bathroom.
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Kelly G Robson Design
Laundry Room
February 11th, 2016

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