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kitchenette design ideas features wood and iron bar table french bistro stools stacked white floating shelves laminated wood flooring ideas

Bruce Wayne

Modern Kitchenette Ideas features Wood and Iron bar Table with French Bistro Stools by Braun Adams

Bruce Wayne


When it comes to alternative eating spot at home, the idea of using bar table and stools like this is really worth a try. Moreover, this idea can also be used to build the main dining room when the space you have is so very limited. It is quite unlucky that the table and stools face wall on which some shelves are installed. It would be nicer when a square hole is made to make the alternative dining room connected to the other room next to it. If possible, it is even better to install window so the dining area will be completed with great views.
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Braun Adams
Dining Room
March 18th, 2016

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