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country french dining room features french dining table round back brown leather dining chairs gray stripe rug french chandle chandelier

Bruce Wayne

Luxury French Dining Table with Cabriolet Legs and Round Back Dining Chairs by Wendy Labrum Interiors

Bruce Wayne


Instead of looking peaceful and calm with the dominant neutral color choice, this dining room factually look quite dull because of too many crème colors here and there. That is why the addition of dark brown color as seen in the leather upholstery of the chairs and also gray color of the area rug makes the room looks better. This can be even better when more suitable darker colors are added in the dining area. The example can be darker cabinet knobs or handles or darker decorations placed on the dining table. I am sure that by adding those colors, the room will be away from the dull impression we all can see here.
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Wendy Labrum Interiors
Dining Room
March 18th, 2016

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