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beautiful nursery furniture stacked nursery rugs wooden nursery shelves

Bruce Wayne

Lovely Nursery with Stacked Shelves by Birmingham Home and Garden

Bruce Wayne


This little part of a nursery looks fun. The owner plays with the decoration really well. I love how the plain white wall becomes so exciting with additional stacked shelves. Many items are placed on the gold shelves and each of them is stylish. On the first level, there are tiny white pots with single pink flower are lovely along with unique dolls. On the second level, elegant bronze goblets, colorful book covers, and blue ball can be found. A dog-shaped wire and blue glass pot are on the top and they look gorgeous. Besides the wall, the flooring is also simple with brown carpet and furry white rug but the pink lion makes a huge difference. The lion doll looks very cute with its brown braided tail.
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Birmingham Home and Garden
May 13th, 2016

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