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black and white dining room sets features black and white dining room jib door hidden secret wine room scroll curtains

Bruce Wayne

Gorgeous Black and White Dining Room with Secret Wine Room by Megan Winters

Bruce Wayne


I think it is awesome how the designer of this room is able to give an idea to add a secret wine room, which door looks simply like a wall on which some pictures are hanged. This kind of wine room definitely enhances the goo value of the room design to a higher level. While the hidden storage room is really fabulous, the upholstery of dining chairs, which is the same with the curtain fabric, is not really nice to see. The room is way more elegant when the fabric is used on the curtains only and the chairs’ upholstery is the same with the upholstery of other chairs in both table sides.
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Megan Winters
Dining Room
March 21st, 2016

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