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Bruce Wayne

Elegant White Bedroom Furniture Set features White Headboard with Brass Nailhead Trim by Ashley Goforth Design

Bruce Wayne


This bedroom is very beautiful because it has successfully combined soft color into the scene. I love the white bed sheet that is perfectly blended with the grey fluffy pillows. Moreover, the creamy headboard gives another charming look to this room. The grey chair next to the bed is very elegant and it allows the home owner to have comfortable reading time. The gorgeous white nightstand is also beautiful and it can be used as the main focal point of the home decoration. I also love the large brown carpet that can give warmer atmosphere to this elegant room. However, I need to give a comment on the walling design. It’s better to paint the wall with softer color like white or soft blue. Overall, I love the interior design of this room.
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Ashley Goforth Design
March 9th, 2016

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