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luxury dining room doric columns white camelback dining chair window seat banquette laminated wood flooring ideas

Bruce Wayne

Elegant Dining Nook with Doric Columns and Window Seat Bench by Shabby Slips Austin

Bruce Wayne


As an example of breakfast nook you can get inspired from, I think there are several things found in this design that are better to be consider, basically because these makes the room to be less interesting and functional. The first thing to correct here is the use of round table that is factually quite tricky since this makes not all part of the long banquette to be usable or it makes only few people can share the table. The next thing is the addition of the three chairs. The chairs do not only block the way to access the banquette and sit on it. Instead these also block some parts of the banquette so the cushion cannot be used maximally.
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Shabby Slips Austin
Dining Room
March 22nd, 2016

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