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elegant kitchen black and white diamond tile backsplash stainless steel freestanding island drum pendant lighting

Bruce Wayne

Elegant Black and White Diamond Pattern Tile Backsplash with Drum Pendant Lighting Design by HAR

Bruce Wayne


I love this interesting kitchen that brings futuristic theme. The kitchen is mainly focused on its interior design. I adore the black and white diamond pattern that gives eclectic look to this room. Moreover, the tile backsplash gives an easy access to clean the room. There is open shelves system that let the home owner to display their expensive stuff. The silver refrigerator gives futuristic appearance to this kitchen. I also love the flossy wooden flooring that gives traditional look to this fashionable kitchen. The granite countertop is also interesting and I think I have no bad words to this wonderful and magnificent kitchen design.
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March 29th, 2016

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