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Bruce Wayne

Comfortable Tan and Green Kids Bedrooms with Zimba Wallpaper Lined by McCann Design Group

Bruce Wayne


The main idea of mixing the use of tan color in this bedroom for little girls is factually interesting. It is especially because the color options can make the room usable longer, since this is not only suitable for little girls but older. However, it cannot be denied that there is a major lack can be seen in the same space. It is that there are too many patterns used on the walls so the room looks too crowded. For the wallpaper, I think it is nicer to use the pattern in one side only so the room will also have an accent wall. If the wall on which the window and the shade are located is plain white, it is fine to use shade with such busy pattern. On the contrary, if the wall is already crowded, it is better for the shade to be plain.
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McCann Design Group
Girl's Rooms
February 17th, 2016

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