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Bruce Wayne

Classy White and Brown Bedrooms features Tall White Tufted Headboard by Ashley Goforth Design

Bruce Wayne


As far as I know, many home interior designers always combine white and black when it comes to contrasting a bedroom. But what I see in this modern bedroom is pretty surprising. The combination between brown and white is also very gorgeous. I can see the white tufted headboard blending so well with the dark brown wall. I also adore the twins white desk lamp that can give more additional value to the room. The room is also gorgeous with the existence of wooden small cabinet next to the main bed. I think it will be much better if the wall has decorative element such as photo frames. But this look is also okay to me. The large brown carpet flooring is another charming concept that I really love in this simple bedroom.
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Ashley Goforth Design
March 9th, 2016

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