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Exclusive Style for Covered Porch

By Bruce Wayne
This porch is very beautiful because it has successfully combine two different contrasting color. Although the color tone is contrasting each other, it can be seen as harmonious scene. I love the glossy black door that seems so bold. Moreover, the gray wall is complementing the wonderful porch. I love the white main door that featuring multiple mirrors on it so that it can reflects the beautiful green vegetation in front of the house. The hanging lamp is so cute; it looks like a bird cage. The marble flooring show its first class, so that it can reflect your exclusive style.

Simple Front Porch with Carriage Lanterns

By Bruce Wayne
This simple porch reminds me of old house style that become a trend setter recently. I love the warm white tone that dominating this area. Moreover, with eclectic black lantern, the room can provide an old-fashion style. I adore the white framed window with black glasses that can filter the sunlight. With white iron fence, this area looks promising. The flat white ceiling is another great thing that I love. There is no downlight attached to it but it still looks wonderful. I also love the hard wooden flooring that can create more traditional feeling. I think I don’t have bad review about this porch. I just love it.

Small Space for Front Porch with Floating Bench

By Bruce Wayne
This mesmerizing porch combined with eclectic rattan chair is very exciting. I love the hanging bench against the wall which is very perfect. The fresh lime cushions please your eyes with its vibrant color. Moreover, the white wall that dominating the room gives an illumination of larger space. I love the cute wall lamp that can add dramatic lighting at night. Moreover, the wonderful black window glass gives contrasting color to the whole room. Although this room brings classic theme there should be a modern element to give harmonious scene. The interior designer can place a large painting above the bench.

Wonderful and Classy Style for Transitional Porch with Blue Beadboard Ceiling

By Bruce Wayne
This transitional porch can providea wonderful resting area for its owner because it featreus white sofa that is comfortable and cozy. Moreover, the design of the main door and the main window is really captivating. It has black tone that can provide contrasting style to this small porch. I love the pentagon brown table that looks like a very expensive item. And also the blue cushion that is very chic and beautiful. My favorite design is on its ceiling where it features blue color that gives refreshing vibe. The wooden flooring is also wonderful and it brings classy style to the space.

Beautiful Porch with Swing Sofa

By Bruce Wayne
The first time I watch this porch, all I can say is it’s beautiful. Many people usually choose warm tones as the main theme. However, this porch choose different path. I love the popping color like yellow that can stimulate your kids while they are playing in this area. Moreover, the beautiful orange white blue rug will surely gives warmer atmosphere to this area. I also adore the swinging sofa that is very unique. I also love the colorful cushions that give decorative idea to this small porch. I also adore the green potted vegetation that will provide fresher air when you enjoy the scenery around it.

Pretty Amazing for Cottage Porch Design

By Bruce Wayne
This cottage porch style is pretty amazing. I love the combination between brown and white color in this porch. Moreover, the brick brown walling design can create an old-fashioned style that will not torn over time. I really love the twin rattan chairs that can support your tired body. Thus, you can relax in this chair after your busy activity. I adore this porch because it is directly connected to your fresh garden. I also love to see beautiful brown wooden flooring that gives classic look to this porch. The small white window is very cute. It gives different vibe to this small porch.

Elegant Front Porch with Glossy Black Door

By Bruce Wayne
This porch reminds me of colonial style where the design is pretty simple yet it has strong characteristic. The main door is really captivating. It features black glossy tone that gives a wonderful look to the whole scene. Moreover, large pot can accommodate green vegetation that can provide refreshing atmosphere. I love the simple wall lamp that look like a bird cage. The white wall design can lift up your mood because it is way so bright. I love the concrete gray flooring that provides classic look to this porch. May be the owner can add mail box on the wall, so that it can also be functioned as decorative item.

Elegant White Porch with Sherwin Williams Piazza Blue

By Bruce Wayne
I love this elegant white porch with its interesting soft color. I really love the soft blue sofa that is combined with cute blue and white cushion. Moreover, the interesting wooden table will enable you to have interesting tea time with your family members. I adore the green vegetation that can bee seen from the porch. There is also potted green tree that gives refreshing atmosphere to this room. I like the white rug that won’t allow any dust to come to your lovely porch. There is also transparent glass that can filter the sunlight that will enter your home.

Wonderful Coastal Covered Porch

By Bruce Wayne
This porch reminds me of cottage style that recently trending in home interior design. I love the large stripes curtain that can filter the sunlight. Moreover, green rug is also mesmerizing that it can create refreshing feeling. The rattan chairs gives traditional look and most importantly it can provide a comfortable seat when you have conversation with your family members. The large white window gives additional decorative elements when it is combined with the black glass. The white fence gives a wonderful view especially when it is combined with soft brown concrete floor. I think, I’m falling in love with this wonderful porch.

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