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Amazing Cottage Home Design features Infinity Pool and Patio Lounge Furniture

By Bruce Wayne
Infinity pool in this picture is remarkable. I think this is my first time seeing half circle infinity pool. It is quite unique and attractive because the concrete border is also distinctive. Most infinity pools that I have ever seen has a square shape but this half-circle pool is a brilliant idea to create an unforgettable swimming experience. The dark sky does not diminish its charm because of the lights at the bottom of the pool. The three pots with small plant on them beside the pool become fresh decorations for the pool. Moreover, the covered patio also has a stylish contemporary design with luxurious white loungers. With smooth wavy design, the loungers seem very comfortable.

Excotic Infiniti Pool Design features Patio Furniture with Umbrella

By Bruce Wayne
This pool is breathtaking. The sea view is clearly seen from the pool and it seems swimming in there feels like swimming in the sea. The swimming pool has smooth border that is not straightly square or round and it is great. However, the white wall of the pool should be changed with glass, so it will be more exciting. Regardless the pool’s border, I really want to go there with my family and friends to spend holiday together. The fountain in the middle of the pool is attractive and it is a good decoration. The patio seems also fun but I can only see the orange pot with orange flowers and a white patio umbrella.

Beautiful Beach Cottage features In Ground Pool and Outdoor Covered Deck

By Bruce Wayne
Having a vacation in there is a dream for me. I always want to go to a swimming pool that has a direct view of the sea. Do you think so? The back yard door faces the sea and so do the two black chairs. The armchairs are quite unique with wire-like material and the black cushion completes the stunning chairs. The terrace flooring cannot be seen clearly, but it is a good idea to choose white color because it looks like sand color. The strong white columns are ready to welcome the guests. Moreover, the simple square pool has blue tiled on the edge and it is beautiful decoration.

Romantic Backyard Pool Ideas features White Patio Lounge with Umbrella

By Bruce Wayne
This pool is so relaxing with simple white loungers on the patio. The single middle fountain can make the swimming pool more gorgeous. Moreover, the two wall lightings in the pool help the swimmer to swim at the night or even at dawn. There is no problem with this square pool except the border. I think the grey border is too high than usual height. It will be great if the height is equal to the patio base. Despite of the pool border, the patio is stunning with wooden pergola. The patio flooring is quite unique with glass flooring (if I am not mistaken).

Modern Outdoor Pool Design features Outdoor Chaise Lounges and Pool Deck Flooring

By Bruce Wayne
This mind-blowing pool area has become my favorite since the first time I see it. This contemporary design of the pool really fits with my taste. The pool itself is quite simple with grey concrete border, but the blue water makes me feel to jump immediately on the pool. Every furniture in this backyard is modern but simple. The contemporary loungers, for example, are gorgeous with black frame and grey cushion combination. The loungers are perfect for relaxing with metal round containers next to each chair, especially in hot weather. The patio is also great like in five-star hotel with modern furniture, but unfortunately, I cannot see the details.

Amazing Spanish Style Home features Deck Patio and Pool

By Bruce Wayne
This Spanish style home has a traditional design and I like it. There is no extraordinary decoration or furniture, but I adore the simplicity applied in this exterior design. The exterior wall of the house is simply painted in white and the patio flooring is made of stone tiles. There are some plants beside the house and garden near it that makes this exciting place becomes fresher and relaxing. The weather is quite hot in the picture, so the square swimming pool is alluring. The pool flooring is also made of stone tiles same with the patio and that makes the pool blends well with surroundings. The wood loungers with grey striped cushion complete the pool’s appearance, but I think adding patio umbrella between the loungers is a good idea.

Country Home Design features Outdoor Pool with Wicker Furniture Sofa

By Bruce Wayne
Both the pool and the pool house are so lovely. I don’t know whether the good weather or the white architecture that makes me fall in love with this picture. The pool house is actually quite simple and has a typical design with tall doors but it is its charm. The combination between white French doors and grey (or dark blue) roof is graceful. Moreover, the two white seats with a pretty design and the big white pots of blue flowers enhance the exterior design. For the interior, the chandelier is unique, but unfortunately the other furniture is not shown clearly. The square pool which is adorable with white border and blue tile edge matches with the white exterior of the pool house.

Stunning Back Porch Ideas features Outdoor Swimming Pools and Pool Lounge Chairs with Umbrellas

By Bruce Wayne
I adore the design of this swimming pool. The pool has white wall and the oval lightings on the inside edge of the pool make the pool looks special. The patio next to the pool is also gorgeous with its stone flooring that matches with the exterior wall of the house. The wood loungers with white cushion look comfortable. The white-blue striped pillows and blankets are perfect choice because the patio will be boring if it is only has white furniture. The huge patio umbrella and the patio doors are also in white. However, the pillows for each lounger are not same and it bothers me since it appears disorganized.

Contemporary Infinity Pool features Wood Floor Around Pool and Modern Outdoor Lounge Chairs

By Bruce Wayne
I think it will be really exciting to swim in this pool. The beautiful scenery with green landscape and amazing sea can be seen well from the infinity pool. Infinity pool is the right choice when the surrounding has beautiful view like in this picture. The hexagonal pool is quite unique because the common infinity pool has only square shape. I love the pool and I also love the grey loungers with turquoise cushion. Turquoise is the perfect color for swimming pool’s furniture in my opinion because it relates to the color of water. The temple like pool decorations are also gorgeous and giving unique touch to the pool.

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